Violence in the workplace comes in many forms


Workplace violence can include aggressive gestures or expressions, verbal abuse, intimidating physical behaviour and physical assault at the workplace or while working. None of these actions are okay and can harm an employee’s physical and mental well-being.     All employees have a right to feel safe at…


One month until sunsetting of zombie agreements


Pre-2010 workplace agreements or “zombie” agreements will automatically terminate (or “sunset”) on 7 December 2023 unless an extension is granted by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). The exact number of zombie agreements is unknown, but there are still hundreds estimated to be in existence, so their…


Can employers advertise a job as work from home and then change their mind?


There has been an increased demand from Australian workers to work some or all the time from home (proven a viable option during the COVID-19 lockdowns) due to the flexibility, transport time and cost reduction, and impact on their wellbeing of performing their role remotely. While…


Can employees request an extension for a claim if they make a mistake on their form?


The Fair Work Commission (FWC) requires dismissal applications to be made within 21 days after the dismissal took effect. The deadline is generally considered a strict cutoff, with late applications rarely successful unless there are exceptional circumstances. When considering an extension of time, the FWC will…


Can an employee retract their resignation?


Resignation occurs when an employment relationship ends at the initiative of an employee. Employees can choose to resign at any time during their employment, and their employer cannot refuse to accept the resignation. When an employee resigns, they are generally required to clearly communicate their decision…


What happens when a fixed-term contract is terminated early?


Employees who work on projects, such as the Commonwealth Games, often do so on a fixed-term employment contract.   A fixed-term contract operates for a fixed period, for example, 12 months, at which point it ends or can be renewed by agreement. But what happens when a…