What employers can learn about duty of care from the government’s handling of Brittany Higgins’ alleged sexual assault

There are a lot of disturbing details in the recent story about the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins in Parliament House …

In limited circumstances, an employer can require an employee to get a COVID-19 vaccination: Here’s who is in the minority

Whether or not employers have the ability to lawfully require employees to receive a coronavirus vaccination has been a hotly debated topic …

Can secret recordings be used as evidence in workplace disputes?

HRM asked a legal expert what employees can and can’t do with secret recording during workplace disputes …

Age Discrimination | Your rights at work

Learn what age discrimination is and how you can mitigate it in the workplace or recruitment process from Andrew Jewell …

What you need to know about probationary periods

With the job market starting to open up again, lots of candidates are on the move and starting new roles …

A COVID-19 vaccine is coming: how mandatory could it be?

“As mandatory as you can possibly make it.” That was how Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison described …

Will the government’s new casual loading offset provisions prevent double-dipping?

Over the last six months, the federal government has been openly critical of the decisions of the Federal Court of Australia …

Unpacking the Fair Work Act’s new casual conversion “right”

Earlier this week, the federal government unveiled the much-anticipated Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2020 in parliament …

The new definition of the “casual employee”: The details, the flaws and the likely outcome

On December 9, 2020, the federal government introduced the long-awaited Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2020

Top five legal mistakes for recruiters to avoid

As an employment lawyer working predominantly for employees, I’ve seen the best and worst of recruitment practices around Australia

Casual worker rights: What IR reforms mean for employers

Casual worker rights will be one of the biggest shake-ups under the coalition government’s hotly anticipated IR reforms bill

Is it legal to direct employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

Earlier this week, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce announced the airline would require international passengers to prove they had been vaccinated for COVID-19 

Isn’t it about time we give every employee the right to work from home?

Last week, Christian Porter urged employers across Australia to bring their employees back to the office as quickly as possible 

Is it legal to advertise positions for JobMaker-eligible candidates only?

The ABS reported on October 15, 2020, that the youth unemployment rate increased by 0.4 points to 14.5% in the month of September 2020 

The illegal interview questions employers can’t ask you

Before you head to an interview, it’s important to be aware of the questions that recruiters and employers shouldn’t be asking you 

New employment law firm launches

In the face of changing employment and workplace challenges, two former McDonald Murholme lawyers have started their own firm 

The myth of the three warnings: What’s required in a dismissal process?

The ‘three warnings’ rule is one of the most common misconceptions in employment law. It simply does not exist 

Post-employment obligations in the legal industry

Legal employers and employees must ensure they are fully on top of the varying obligations placed upon them in a marketplace after COVID-19 

WFH: Employment obligations in the ‘new normal’

Employers will have to be especially prudent about ensuring they uphold their workplace, health and safety obligations post-pandemic 

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